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Amazing Discounts for University Students from Novelty Card

Students can earn and redeem their points anywhere with all their shopping needs and rewards in one app so they can enjoy the most exquisite shopping experience ever. Get great rewards, discounts, and unique promotions on shopping, restaurants, clothing, technology, leisure, and entertainment activities, plus many more, giving you the best shopping experience to enjoy your time as a student

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We are a service provider in the education industry, helping students gain university entry and providing career advice.
Yes, as long as they are deemed equivalent to UK qualification, you can get further information from UK Naric, who specialise in converting foreign qualifications
All our courses are classroom-based but depending on the course there are some blended learning options available, our advisor will be able to give further information
How much you get for your maintenance loan, depends on your application and personal circumstances. As a guideline, you may get up to Β£12,000
Yes, our partner universities offer part-time and flexible postgraduate courses so you can study without having to leave your current job.