When to Apply?

When to Apply?

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Don’t miss the Deadline. Find out when is the best time to apply to secure your university admission. Get to know more on how to apply, start dates, semester intakes, university application deadlines…

 When to Apply

Having trouble deciding when and how to start the application process? Let University & Student help you!

University admissions success is primarily determined by meeting deadlines and submitting a complete and well-written application. Learn all the important dates and all the other key points about applying to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Your Journey with U&S

The journey towards getting yourself a qualification is an enthralling one. While there are challenges and obstacles, having the right guidance will make the journey, most memorable and adventurous. Having helped tens of thousands of students achieve their academic aspirations throughout the past decade, we've developed a process for making sure that our services are clear and transparent, whilst providing the best service possible for all of our students.

Personalised Consultation

The first step to achieving your academic aspirations is choosing the right course. Our expert advisors will help you to choose the best course for you.

You will have a one to one with your Expert Careers Advisor to find out more about how we can provide you with the best possible solution to get into a degree program. The purpose of this consultation is to discuss your special requirements and the various options available to you. As a result of the high demand for courses, universities receive many applications, making it challenging to secure the appropriate funding (SFE), but we understand the industry and universities. With over a decade of experience, we can guide you in the right direction with ease.

Submitting your Application 

Once you are happy to move ahead with your application and have qualified, your ECA will prepare your portfolio and application to submit to obtain an offer for you.  A successful application includes a complete CV, a comprehensive PS, and other credentials. In rare, exceptional circumstances, universities may ask for extra documents such as work references and post transcripts before giving you an offer. Don't worry, our admissions team will guide you through this process.

Conditional Offer

Depending on your qualifications and work experience, you may be required to attend an academic interview or an English test. What makes this process even better is that we have specially designed workshops to build your confidence and well as give you the highest chance to succeed and pass them.

Unconditional Offer

You are one step closer to enrollment. The process of filling out online forms and paperwork can sometimes be challenging, and one mistake can delay or limit your funding options. The importance of this step makes it a very crucial step that needs to be handled carefully. Our Key Accounts team will be in touch with you to help and guide you through this process ensuring, you get the appropriate funding and support.


This is a win-win situation; you have successfully enrolled in your dream course, and we obtain another student with a success story. You will be given an induction before your class starts receiving your timetable, ID and other tools from your university.  

How many Intakes are there?

Most of our partner universities offer three intakes per year.

  • January/February Intake 

  • April/May Intake 

  • September Intake 

In order to secure a place, we recommend that you apply as early as you can, as the high number of applications to universities and other restrictions could make your application more difficult if you do not have ample time to prepare. 

How to Apply

Students are given different deadlines for various courses, and most are well in advance of the commencement date. Find out what deadline pertains to you, and let us do our best to help you meet it.

Timeline for the 2022 Intakes

January/February Intake Dates 

  • Deadline for early applications

  • Final Deadline

  • Deadline for Academic Interviews and English Test

April/May Intake Dates 

  • Deadline for early applications

  • Final Deadline

  • Deadline for Academic Interviews and English Test

September Intake Dates 

  • Deadline for early applications

  • Final Deadline

  • Deadline for Academic Interviews and English Test

How do I know what is the best time to Apply for Me? 

Answers to this question vary from student to student based on things such as course choice, preferences, qualifications, and many other factors. But with our decade of experience and panel of experts on our board, we can answer that question in the best way possible, ensuring a prosperous academic life for you. Get in touch with our experts today.

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