How to Apply for a Course

How to Apply for a Course

University and Student helps you to do a Fully Funded Undergraduate or a Postgraduate Degree. But how? To which extent is this course FULLY FUNDED? 

Did you know that undergraduate students can apply for tuition fees and maintenance loans to help pay for living expenses and course fees? You may even qualify for grants and bursaries depending on your location in the UK, where you want to study and your personal circumstances. Loans are also available for certain postgraduate courses.

What is a Fully Funded course?

The Fully Funded programmes we offer through our partnered institutions Your tuition fees maintenance costs everything will be paid for by Student Finance England during the duration you would be doing the degree.

But does that mean you don’t have to pay it back?

No, you are not liable to pay back anything unless you meet the requirements to pay back.

If it is not a scholarship nor a grant, why still say it is Fully Funded instead of a Loan?

Because it is not a typical loan nor mortgage system. In contrast to loan systems, your credit score is irrelevant for Student Finance. You’ll only repay your student loan when your income is over the threshold amount for your repayment plan. The repayment is calculated based on the amount you earn over the threshold.

What is Student Finance England? 

Student Finance England is a non-profit making government-owned organization that administrates loans and grants to students in colleges and universities in the UK. The main objective of their services is to enable people to invest in their futures through higher education for a better standard of living by providing trusted, transparent, flexible and accessible student finance services.

Student Loans Company (SLC) administers the student finance schemes for students from England and EU students studying in England under their direction.

What are the benefits of applying for Student Finance England?

  • Student Finance (funded by the government) makes it possible for students from all backgrounds to attend university.

  • The package includes a loan for course fees, as well as a means-tested Maintenance Loan or Grant for living expenses.

  • UK universities can charge up to £9,250 a year in tuition fees, but you'll pay nothing upfront if you're eligible for Student Finance.

  • If you need extra cash because of a health condition, childcare costs or clinical placements, or if you are struggling to pay your bills, you may be eligible for financial assistance.

  • Student Finance must be repaid, but don't let that discourage you!  The repayments of student loans work more like a graduate tax, which is much easier to manage after university.

  • Only after you have completed your course AND earned enough to repay the loan you would be starting to repay the student loan.  Payments depend on your income and stop altogether if you fall too far behind.

  • For the most part, Student Finance is reserved for UK students, but if you're from the EU – or meet other eligibility criteria – you may get support.

How does Student Finance England Work?

The first step is to check whether you are eligible for Student Finance. It will depend on the following criteria’s 

  • If your university or college is funded by SFE

  • Does SFE fund your course?

  • If you've taken a higher education course before.

  • Your age.

  • Your nationality or residency status.