How to apply for a university with us?

U&S is a premiere service that helps you to do a apply for a Fully Funded Undergraduate or a Postgraduate Degree.

What is a fully funded degree?
The Fully Funded programmes we offer through our partnered institutions cover your tuition fees and maintenance costs (Subject to your personal circumstance); everything will be paid for by Student Finance England during the duration of your degree. But does that mean that it’s free? And that you don’t have to pay it back? No, however; you are not liable to pay back anything until you meet the requirements to pay back what you have borrowed. The question you may be thinking here is “If it is not a scholarship nor a grant, then why still say it is Fully Funded instead of a Loan?” Unlike a typical loan or mortgage system.

In contrast to loan systems, your credit score and history are irrelevant to Student Finance. You’ll only have to repay your student loan when your income is over the threshold amount for your repayment plan. The repayment is calculated based on the amount you earn over the threshold. If you are unfortunate to not make a good living and healthy income then you do not have to pay back a single penny until that time comes. Whether it will be in 5 years after graduation or more, you don’t need to worry about being in debt or this affecting your credit score for future finances.

How can we help with your university application?
Our vast experience in this industry has enabled us to create a robust and highly efficient process making our customer journey as simple as possible at the same time giving you full transparency and understanding of each step you will be taking with U&S. The journey towards getting yourself a qualification for your future career goals and development is an enthralling one. While there are challenges and obstacles, having the right guidance will make the journey, most memorable and adventurous. Having helped tens of thousands of students achieve their academic aspirations throughout the past decade, we've developed a process for making sure that our services are clear and transparent, whilst providing the best service possible for all our students. We will take care of all the fine details of your application once you’ve had your consultation. Our application process is very simple, you simply provide us with your details in the application form, we will then book you in for a consultation with one of our advisors. Once you’ve had your consultation, we will ask you to submit your documents through our secure submission page, then you are all set. Once we have a reply from the university, we will contact you on your next steps.

Applicant's Journey

In the 11th Generation Customer Journey process, all enquiries and leads shall be owned by an ECA.From time to time the Operations department will provide inquiries or leads to ECAs. These enquiries or leads can be from the existing databases or completely new enquiries generated from Sales and Marketing campaigns. According to the 11th Generation Strategy, besides ECAs any other B&EU operational staff will not have the ownership of enquiries or leads.

The consultation must be conducted only by a project coordinator and consultations can take place remotely, visiting the office or open days at specific locations.
The project coordinator will provide a full consultation about courses, assessing qualifications, university options, student finance eligibility, career pathways, and applying for student finance. Simultaneously, assign an admin staff to follow up on any required documents. If the file is fully complete, convert it to a good-2-go.

Submissions are done by Key Accounts staff. G2G applications will be submitted to the University via their portal. Email and text will be sent out to the student informing the status of the application.

Unconditional Offers are managed by Key Account staff. A university will issue an unconditional offer once all conditions are met. Thereafter, the Key Accounts staff must follow up with the student to schedule an appointment to complete student finance with one of our project coordinators.

The Enrolment can only be done by the Key Accounts Staff. All student finance completed unconditional offers must be contacted to initiate the Enrolment process. Please note depending on the University the enrolment process may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to register with us and submit your information to check your eligibility to receive a fully funded degree through one of our Expert Career Advisors. Check out our check your eligibility page and fill in your information.
Universities and colleges have different entry requirements; our courses and university finder section has a comprehensive list of universities, as well as their minimum entry requirements.
We’ll process it and send you a welcome email confirming the application has been sent to one of our Expert Career Advisors to check your eligibility.