MBA International
MBA International (A R U . London)

Course Description

The MBA (International) programme is designed for professionals who are seeking to improve their management and leadership skills and broaden their theoretical knowledge of business and management. Over the duration of 12 or 24 months, students will acquire a deep knowledge of all the key business functions. Participants will gain a greater appreciation of the significance of the interrelationship of functional areas to the overall success of a business, in international, national and local markets. The course offers students the opportunity to study at a postgraduate level while maintaining and enhancing their contribution to their employer.

ARU London recognises that today business is conducted across international boundaries and that globalisation is a phenomenon that impacts all organisations. Therefore, the focus of the course is on the specific challenges facing organisations that have global operations, or that transact business internationally. The course will also support the development of a range of transferable executive skills including leadership; strategic decision making; problem-solving; change management, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; finance; operations management; marketing and human resource management.

Required Qualification

Honours Degree

Modules under Course

International Marketing, Innovation and E-Commerce

International Leadership and Enterprise

International Finance

International Operations Management

Strategic Management in a Global Context

International Human Resources and Change

Research Methods and Ethics

Strategic Marketing and New Venture Development

Postgraduate Major Project

Jobs and Salaries

•        International marketing director (£50,000 to £95,000) 

•        Financial controller or manager (£36,000 to £77,000) 

•        International economist (£45,000 to £70,000) 

•        Business development manager (£43,000 to £65,000)