BA (Hons) Business Management
BA (Hons) Business Management (London College of Contemporary Arts)

Course Description

Designed in association with the University for the Creative Arts, this BA Business Management degree will introduce you to key aspects of business including accounting, marketing, law and much more, in order to help you become a skilled business professional. You’ll learn the answers to contemporary questions such as how does a business evolve and grow, how does an organisation flourish and what do businesses need to change to meet strategic goals?

Throughout this degree programme, you will have the opportunity to develop a versatile portfolio of skills including problem-solving, decision-making and innovative thinking, all of which can be transferred into a number of different industries. You’ll also apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting using work placements, presentations and employer engagement.

By the time you graduate, you will be able to pursue roles in a range of different industries including operations management, buying, HR management, consultancy and finance management. Alternatively, you can use this undergraduate programme as a foundation to progress onto a postgraduate qualification.

Required Qualification

Standard Pathway: Age - 18 - 54

Qualification - Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104)

Non-standarad pathway: Age - 21 - 54

No qualifications, relevant work experience for 2 years

Modules under Course

Year 0

• Introduction to Creative Business & Management
• English for Academic Purposes, Research & Study Skills
• Marketing, Communication & Branding
• Exploring Practices: Process, Materials & Techniques
• Visual Culture
• Investigating Specialist Practice
• Final Major Project

Year 1

• Marketing Fundamentals
• Introduction to Finance & Accounting
• Project & Operations Management
• Management and Organisation Behaviour
• Enterprise Project

Year 2

• E-Business & E-Marketing (Digital Business & Marketing)
• Law for the Creative Industries
• Professional Practice & Business Placement
• International Business

Year 3

• Business Strategy
• Business Research
• Enterprise Sustainability & Business Ethics
• Final Business Management Project

Job Opportunities

Marketing Executive £19k - £34k £25,226

Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) £23k - £55k 

Marketing Manager £23k - £60k 

Human Resources Advisor £20k - £32k 

Human Resources (HR) Manager £25k - £54k 

Financial Controller £35k - £71k 

Business Analyst, IT £23k - £44k