London College of Contemporary Arts


This BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Promotion degree is ideal for those looking to enter the fast-paced fashion world as a fashion communicator, media practitioner or fashion promoter. The course has been tailored to help students find their own fashion signature while gaining essential skills in fashion communication and fashion promotion to prepare them for a range of exciting roles within the fashion industry.

Awarded by the University for the Creative Arts, this degree programme will enable you to assess global shifts in fashion from a cultural, ethical and technological viewpoint.

There will also be a core focus on fashion media and promotional activities such as styling, photography and image-making, creative direction, conceptual installations and schemes, moving image, retail and marketing, events, shows and curation. Additionally, the fashion communication and promotion aspect of this BA programme will enhance your skills in engaging with specific audiences by looking at creative written content for digital and print platforms.

Through a deep analysis of each level of fashion business, from high street shops to luxury brands, you will have the chance to hone your skills and specialise in one specific area of fashion media and promotion. By the end of this course, you will have the transferable skills needed to thrive in today’s ever-changing fashion world and leave your mark as a visionary fashion communicator. 

Required Qualification

Standard Pathway:  Age - 18 - 54

Qualification - Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104)

Non-standarad pathway: Age - 21 - 54

No qualifications, relevant work experience for 2 years

Modules under Course

Year 0

• Introduction to Creative Business & Management
• English for Academic Purposes, Research & Study Skills
• Marketing, Communication & Branding
• Exploring Practices: Process, Materials & Techniques
• Visual Culture
• Investigating Specialist Practice
• Final Major Project

Year 1

• Brands: Past, Present & Future
• Fashion Styling & Identity
• Fashion Media & Publishing

Year 2

• Fashion Film & Marketing
• Digital Media & Branding
• Fashion Film
• Digital Branding

Year 3

• Innovation for Industry
• Creative Direction for the Fashion Industry


• Research, Theory & Practice
• Dissertation

Job Opportunities

Content Creator, Fashion Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Public Relations, Fashion Stylist, Graphics / Branding, Visual Merchandising, Entrepreneur