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Why study Graphic Design with us

The BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme offered at LCCA will enable you to transform your ideas into visual creations. You’ll consider typography, colour, shapes and shading and how combining these elements in a striking way can convey a strong message.

To ensure you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to find the perfect role once you graduate, this bachelor’s graphic design degree reflects the graphic design industry. While other graphic design degrees teach you the theory, our programme ensures you practice it.

Get your Graphic Designer qualifications with our course

Using top-of-the-range software, our extensive industry connections and studio spaces, you’ll build a powerful skillset that will prepare you to convey your ideas and to operate in a business-like fashion within the creative industries. Throughout the BA Graphic Design course, you’ll also engage with a series of workshops on typography, printmaking, photography, motion design and much more.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be a knowledgeable graphic designer capable of communicating the theory behind your ideas, the history of the industry and creating work that captures your audience.

Get the support you need

Awarded by the University for Creative Arts, you’ll be fully prepared to undertake a number of different roles including art director, graphic designer, marketing manager and illustrator.

Required Qualification

Standard Pathway: Age - 18 - 54

Qualification - Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104)

Non-standarad pathway: Age - 21 - 54 

No qualifications, relevant work experience for 2 years

Modules under Course

Year 0

• Introduction to Creative Business & Management • English for Academic Purposes, Research & Study Skills • Marketing, Communication & Branding • Exploring Practices: Process, Materials & Techniques • Visual Culture • Investigating Specialist Practice • Final Major Project

Year 1

• Introduction to Visual Communication • Design Fundamentals 1: Type, Image, Print • Design Fundamentals 2: Motion, Narrative, Screen • Visual Theory Message, Medium, Meaning

Year 2

• The Editorial Process • Social and Cultural Contexts • Spatial Practices • Developing Your Practice

Year 3

• Major Project • Critical Research and Practice

Job Opportunities

Graphic Designer £18k - £30k £22,904

Senior Graphic Designer £24k - £41k £30,992

Junior Graphic Designer £16k - £25k £19,713

Digital Designer £21k - £34k £26,879

UX Designer £23k - £53k £33,937

Front End Developer / Engineer £24k - £43k £32,402

Creative Director £29k - £109k