London College of Contemporary Arts


The Global Master of Business & Management programme will prepare you for success in a number of business sectors. The course is ideal for those seeking a well-rounded knowledge of business in order to become a forward-thinking leader within the creative industries.

You will hone your business knowledge whilst developing the creative skills needed to thrive in today’s creative industries. Students will be able to specialise in the following areas: cosmetics and beauty, fashion industry, games industry, global media industries, lifestyle goods, luxury goods and services or the music industry.

Awarded by the University for the Creative Arts, this course will provide students with the specialist knowledge and practical skills needed to apply effective business and management to the creative industries. You’ll be taught through a combination of seminars, tutorials and workshops whilst being encouraged to challenge preconceptions and highlight opportunities for professional business development within your own preferred subject area. 

The course focuses on global business management where students will examine business management from a global context, examining the tools needed tackle challenges of sustainability, societal and governance issues. The course will also look at the varying components of business, enhancing student’s knowledge of finance, marketing, operations, human resources and innovation management

Required Qualification

Bachelors Degree 2:2

Modules under Course


The Business Lecture Series Learn contemporary business practices used within the current creative industry and gain a foundational knowledge of your chosen area of business. You will also have the opportunity to learn from creative professionals who are experts in the field and will therefore provide you with key industry insights. Creative Thinking Understand the definitions, modes and concepts of creativity and its importance for consumer needs and user interface. By implementing creative processes and techniques, this unit will significantly enhance your creative skills. International Finance, Accounting and Reporting Grasp effective management accounting techniques during this unit and develop effective planning and decision-making skills.


People and Management This module will explore historical and contemporary approaches management as you analyse different ways to motivate and manage staff. International Business Strategy Examine different approaches to strategic management from an international perspective. You’ll learn how to sustain competitiveness within ever-changing and demanding international as well as industrial environments.


Ideas Development and Business Proposal Through practice research and analysis, this unit will teach you to define and develop individual concepts for business proposals. Your research and practice will be directed and guided by a project proposal in which you negotiate and review your business management practice with your tutors. Final Creative Business Project The Final Creative Business Project will allow you to demonstrate everything you’ve learnt in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical skills developed throughout your MA. You will combine all your new, invaluable skills needed to stand out to business consultancy organisations and employers around the world.

Job Opportunities

Business Consultant £21k - £53k (Estimated *) £33,088

Marketing Manager £22k - £60k (Estimated *) £32,573

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) £20k - £32k (Estimated *) £25,286

Customer Success Manager £23k - £57k (Estimated *) £35,862

Business Manager £19k - £93k (Estimated *) £42,562

Business Development Manager £33k - £66k (Estimated *) £46,623

Business Analyst (Unspecified Type) £31k - £54k (Estimated *) £40,267