MA GLOBAL MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS (London College of Contemporary Arts)

Course Description

This MA in Global Marketing and Communications course will provide you with expert knowledge in contemporary marketing and the strategic skills needed to succeed within today’s competitive business world. Key areas covered include marketing, consumer behaviour and digital communication strategies, keeping you up-to-date with the ever-changing marketing world.

Awarded by the University for the Creative Arts, this course will allow students to hone their creative skills whilst developing strategic thinking and leadership skills in order to make informed global marketing decisions. Combining theory with practice, this course will prepare you for leadership at the forefront of campaigns through developing key skills such as global communication and teach you to respond innovatively to common industry challenges.

Required Qualification

Age - 18 - 54

Qualification - Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104)

Modules under Course


The Business Lecture Series This unit explores contemporary business practices central to today's global creative industry. It will allow you to build a portfolio of knowledge pertinent to your chosen area of business. You will be introduced to a series of successful business professionals who will not only inspire you creatively, but also educate you on the realities of industry practice. Creative Thinking This unit introduces you to definitions and concepts of creativity. It allows you to explore what creativity is and reflect methods of creativity with concepts of taste, consumer needs as well as user interface. Throughout this unit, you will be required to implement creative processes using various techniques connected with the development of creative skills. Entrepreneurship & Innovation In this unit, you will explore further the relationships between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. You will also develop an understanding of how opportunities are identified and how they are made feasible by implementing a business plan to make it viable and realised in professional creative practice.


Advertising Account Management In this unit, you will work on a live client project in order to test your current skill base whilst beginning to identify the dynamics of account management within the fast-paced advertising environment. You will participate in and observe professional advertising practice within a live business environment. Throughout this project, you will be expected to understand the professional working environment which is crucial for developing the knowledge and core skills to effectively contribute to the industry. Digital Comms and Strategy In this unit, you will develop your understanding of the use of integrated marketing communication to build and sustain brands, based on knowledge of how communication works, the institutions which participate in the practical business processes necessary to achieve and measure defined communication goals.


Ideas Development and Marketing and Communications Proposal This unit will focus on defining and developing individual concepts for creative marketing proposals. Research and practice will be directed and guided by a project proposal in which you negotiate and review your marketing practice with tutors. On completion of this unit, you should have established a series of research ‘propositions’. Final Marketing and Advertising Project The Final Marketing and Advertising Project is the culmination of your studies and will form a framework for the central ideas and concepts developed throughout your MA. The outcome will demonstrate evidence of advanced conceptual, theoretical and technical capability over an extended period of self-directed study.

Job Opportunities

Marketing Manager

Avg. Salary £24k — £49k

Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)

Avg. Salary £27k — £64k

Marketing Executive

Avg. Salary £19k — £31k

Marketing Director

Avg. Salary £40k — £99k

Senior Marketing Manager

Avg. Salary £38k — £74k

Operations Manager

Avg. Salary £24k — £56k