MA LUXURY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (London College of Contemporary Arts)

Course Description

The MA in Luxury Business Management is awarded by the University for the Creative Arts and is designed for ambitious students seeking the tools and strategies to thrive in today’s global luxury market. You will learn the innovative tools to sell ‘luxury’ to specific consumer groups, enhancing your prospects within this ever-expanding industry.

As luxury markets continue to grow, they have become increasingly complex and polarised; this Master’s in Luxury Business Management is tailored to provide you with the innovative strategies and latest industry knowledge to help you overcome these challenges. You’ll learn through a combination of seminars, tutorials and workshops with a strong emphasis on independent research.

Benefit from studying our centrally located campus in Holborn which is located close to leading players within the creative industry whilst learning from our expert tutors who have years of first-hand industry knowledge, enriching your overall learning experience on this luxury business course.

Our tutors will help you think strategically whilst teaching you the core business management areas of marketing, strategy, research, leadership and teamwork. You will learn the history and changing dynamics of the industry and understand what is required for a business to build and maintain a luxury brand image.

Required Qualification

Bachelors Degree 2:2

Modules under Course


The Business Lecture Series This unit explores contemporary business practices central to today's global creative industry. It will allow you to build a portfolio of knowledge pertinent to your chosen area of business. You will be introduced to a series of successful business professionals who will not only inspire you creatively, but also educate you on the realities of industry practice. The Global Luxury Sector This unit explores the global context of luxury products, from brand evolution to consumption, marketing and technology and their impact on the luxury market. You will investigate factors that have influenced the luxury brand sector in the past, present and future and appreciate the key drivers of luxury. You will take part in discussions focused on diverse and innovative creative thinking. You will also examine global practices and explore the nature of evolving luxury markets. Promotion for Luxury This unit will highlight the concepts of creativity and allow you to reflect on methods that are best suited to the luxury market. How do consumers perceive luxury? What are the values they associate with it? It will allow you to explore the strategies behind meeting consumer needs as well as user interface. You’ll gain extensive knowledge of key brand management and leadership strategies within the luxury sector.


Future Trends This unit is designed to promote and develop creative thinking and problem-solving. It will allow you to explore the role and purpose of future trend forecasting as a basis to investigate emerging ideas and their impact on a company’s direction. You will be expected to explore your industry and attempt to decode what makes your brands desirable whilst investigating the key components at the heart of successful global brands. International Business Strategy Throughout this unit you will be expected to critically examine the strategic management process as it applies to internationally oriented organisations in order to remain and sustain competitiveness within the ever-changing and demanding international as well as industrial environments. You will gain a better appreciation of the key concepts, tools and principles of strategy formulation and competitive analysis.


Ideas Development and Project Management This unit will focus on advanced levels of research and analysis and you will be required to define and develop individual brand proposals pertinent to your area of discipline. Your research will be directed and guided by a project proposal in which you will negotiate and review your practice with your tutors. This is the development stage of the proposal, where you begin to develop your concepts and build your strategic plans. Final Creative Industries Project Building on your project management knowledge from previous units, you will be expected to demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply academic and practical knowledge at a strategic level, often valued by business consultancy organisations and employers. This is a negotiated project, which can evolve from your previous experience working as a business practitioner in the creative industries or can be delivered as a business start-up project or a consultancy project.

Job Opportunities

Business Consultant £21k - £53k (Estimated *) £33,088

Marketing Manager £22k - £60k (Estimated *) £32,573

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) £20k - £32k 

Customer Success Manager £23k - £57k 

Business Manager £19k - £93k 

Business Development Manager £33k - £66k 

Business Analyst (Unspecified Type) £31k - £54k