BSc Business and Healthcare Management
BSc Business and Healthcare Management (A R U . London)

Course Description

The healthcare sector is the largest sector in the UK, employing over 4 million people. 

The industry plays a crucial role in supporting the economy by maintaining the physical and mental health of the wider workforce. It is anticipated that around 2 million people will need to be trained and recruited before 2022 as a result of the sector’s growth. 

This degree course will provide you with a range of opportunities to develop the attitudes, abilities and competences needed to work in a health and social care environment, both home and international. The course will also encourage entrepreneurship as you will have opportunities to develop skills required to analyse complex contemporary business and healthcare organisations. Business analysis is a critical factor in determining organisational options as it forms the basis for negotiating, planning and execution to deliver on organisational goals. 

Employers from the healthcare sector have been directly involved in the design and development of this course. Collaborations with these sector partners are used to explore those skill sets that employers are most interested in and to constantly ensure they are embedded within the delivery of the course. You will also benefit from lecturers who have significant industry experience.

Required Qualification

Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104) 

Level 2 with relevent work experience  

Modules under Course


Semester 1:
Research Skills 1
Professional Communications
Data Skills
Personal Development in Professional Settings

Semester 2:
Research Skills 2
Global Debates
The Pitch Project

Year 1

Healthcare Environment
Academic and Professional Skills
Service Operations Management
Business Finance

Year 2

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
Managing Human Resources
Principles and Practice of Marketing
Principles of Health Informatics
Sustainability in Career Development

Year 3

Contemporary Issues in Healthcare
Business Strategy
Leadership and Change Management
Undergraduate Major Project (Integrated Case Study)

Jobs and Salaries

•        Business adviser (£18,000 to £25,000) 

•        Business analyst (£21,000 and £31,000) 

•        Business development manager (£22,000 to £25,000) 

•        Chartered management accountant (£28,000 to £32,000) 

•        Corporate investment banker (£30,000 to £40,000) 

•        Project manager (£20,000 to £35,000) 

•        Risk manager (£21,000 to £30,000)