MBA Health and Social Care
MBA Health and Social Care (A R U . London)

Course Description

The MBA in Health and Social Care provides students with knowledge and understanding of strategic management, as well as practical insight into contemporary issues in Health and Social Care Organisations. 

The complexity of modern healthcare and social care, arising from constant innovation, has been described as being “an order of magnitude” greater than other industries. Currently, health and social care service users increasingly demand a personalised, higher quality health care experience, whilst the threat of public sector austerity increases the pressure on providers, including the healthcare and social care supply chain, to deliver it. This postgraduate degree addresses the specific demands placed on professionals who are responsible for leading policy, strategy and services in their organisation; be it in the public, private or voluntary aided sector. 

You will study the key management disciplines within a healthcare context; including business planning and finance, project and operations management, healthcare service improvement and leadership. 

Whether you are a supervisor, manager, policymaker or clinician wishing to know more about healthcare management this course will make a significant impact on your current and future career.

Required Qualification

Honours Degree

Modules under Course

Operations and Major Incident Management

Healthcare Law and Ethics

Managing Finance in Health and Social Care Organisations

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Cross Cultural Leadership

Marketing and Demand Management in Health and Social Care

Strategy in the Public and Private Sectors

Research Methods and Ethics

Quality Improvement in Health and Social Care

Postgraduate Major Project

Jobs and Salaries

•        Hospital Administrator (£161,375 to £441,631) 

•        Pharmaceutical Project Manager (£48,000 to £87,000) 

•        Policy Analyst or Researcher (£35,000 to £60,000) 

•        Health Services Managers and Administrators (£90,000 to £100,000) 

•        Medical Entrepreneurship (£44,000 to £85,000)