BA (Hons) Global Business Management with Foundation Year
BA (Hons) Global Business Management with Foundation Year (Global Banking School - Greenford campus)

Course Description

Our diverse programme, delivered in the heart of major financial hubs, will provide you with a great platform for a successful career in leadership. The first year is a Foundation Year programme that will introduce you to fundamental topics in business and management. 

The rest of the course will focus on core global business and management topics including marketing, organisational behaviour, international business law and strategy. During your final year, you can choose to undertake a dissertation, a consulting project, or an internship.  

Committing to study at degree level will give you transferrable skills that can be applied in any career context. Leadership, business operations, strategy and entrepreneurship are all essential to keeping our global economies thriving.

As you develop and plan your career goals, we help you align your industry specialisms, giving you the critical knowledge essential for your professional career progress. 

How do finances and economics affect management decisions? 

What role do marketing and communications have in business growth? 

Which core business functions are essential for effective management? 

Studying our programme will develop both the core and specialist skills that are in high demand by the UK and global employers, giving you a competitive edge as you progress your career in leadership

Required Qualification

Standard Pathway (3 Years) - Level 2 Proof of Residency 

Non Standard Pathway (4 Years) - NA & Proof of Residency

Modules under Course

Year 0 (Foundation)

Introduction to Management (20 Credits)
Project (20 Credits)
Academic Research and Writing (20 Credits)
Business Communication (20 Credits)
Preparing for a Professional Career (20 Credits)
Introduction to Marketing (20 Credits)

Year 1

Business Context and its Management (20 Credits)
Business Environment (20 Credits)
Managing People (20 Credits)
Marketing & Communications in a Digital World (20 Credits)
Business Finance and Economics (20 Credits)
Global Business Aspects (20 Credits)

Year 2

Research Methods (20 Credits)
Business Decision Making (20 Credits)
Organisation Behaviour (20 Credits)
Project Management (20 Credits)
Business Plan and Analysis (20 Credits)
International Business Law (20 Credits)

Year 3

Global Leadership and Organisational Behaviour (20 Credits)
Building a Sustainable Business (20 Credits)
Innovation Management (20 Credits)
Global Strategy (20 Credits)

Then choose one of:

Dissertation (40 Credits)
Consulting Project (40 Credits)
Internship (40 Credits)

Jobs and Salaries

•        Business Development Manager        £25k - £60k

•        Business Consultant        £24k - £60k

•        Business Analyst        £23k - £46k

•        Business Support Manager        £26k - £52k

•        Business Analyst, Finance/Banking        £28k - £69k