BSc International Business Management
BSc International Business Management (A R U . London)

Course Description

In an increasingly interconnected world, studying business from an international perspective makes sense for all those that seek a management career within the business; whether it is a start-up microenterprise or a within a global multinational company.

In today’s international market, businesses need employees who understand globalisation, sustainability and intercultural communication. Learn more about these complex issues and their management through real-world case studies, market researched pedagogy and a strong theoretical backbone at ARU London.

The taught modules cover all the major functional areas of business from; finance and marketing to human resources and information systems. Building on this essential core knowledge, the degree examines and develops an understanding of the cultural, ethical and interpersonal challenges that arise within today’s multicultural global business environment, from SMEs and how they compete on a global level; ethics and social responsibility; to technology and how organisations use the information to support global operations and deliver competitive advantage.

The final year “Major Project” encourages you to utilise both the skills and knowledge learnt during the degree programme and combine them with current academic research that will further develop your professional expertise and career prospects.

Required Qualification

Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104) 

Level 2 with relevent work experience  

Modules under Course


Semester 1:

Research Skills 1
Professional Communications
Data Skills
Personal Development in Professional Settings

Semester 2:

Research Skills 2
Global Debates
The Pitch Project

Year 1

Business Environment
Academic and Professional Skills
Economics for Business
Business Finance

Year 2

Legal Aspects of Business
Managing Human Resources
Principles and Practice of Marketing
Business Information
Sustainability in Career Development

Year 3

Operational and Project Management
Business Strategy
Managing International Business
Undergraduate Major Project (Integrated Case Study)

Jobs and Salaries

•        Arbitrator (£28,000 - £65,000) 

•        Business development manager (£30,000 - £60,000) 

•        Data scientist (£25,000 to £30,000) 

•        External auditor (£28,000 to £45,000) 

•        Financial trader (£26,000 to £32,000) 

•        Human resources officer (£24,000 to £35,000) 

•        Marketing executive (£20,000 to £30,000) 

•        Sales executive (£20,000 to £30,000)