BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise with Foundation Year
BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise with Foundation Year (Global Banking School)

Course Description

Do you dream of running your own business? Do you want to learn how to create a successful business that will thrive in the toughest of economic climates? 

If you’ve got a business idea, we’ll give you the skills and knowledge to realise it. 

This four-year Business and Enterprise BA (Hons) with Foundation Year in Business degree offers an alternative route into higher education and is designed for prospective students who may not have a sufficient or relevant academic background for University study. In the integrated Foundation Year in Business, you will undertake modules to help develop your academic skills and confidence and will be introduced to key concepts, debates and skills that will support and inform your second, third, and fourth years of undergraduate degree study. 

You’ll study business objectives, practices and principles through case study research, lectures, workshops and student-led activities. You’ll look at the supply chain and logistics, production and project management as well as a business organisation, human resources and the principles of leadership. 

You’ll examine the modern business environment and how 'start-up' businesses grow as technology advances. You will focus on sustainability and the opportunities or limitations small businesses face, as well as developing your own concepts and business plans through a series of lectures, workshops, course work and group work. 

Following successful completion of your Foundation Year, you’ll progress onto Level 4 of the degree. 

You’ll learn the fundamentals of business planning and business development, building your understanding of finance and marketing for business. 

You’ll learn how to formulate a business strategy, make financial forecasts, present and sell your ideas and find customers and clients, as well as discover how to take your business into international markets.

Our vocational approach means you’ll get plenty of opportunities to put the business and enterprise skills you develop into practice. Your assessments will be practical, giving you the chance to develop a start-up business and generate your own income stream as part of your degree. We’ll encourage you to spend time delivering real outputs for your business, assessing you on fundamental start-up tasks such as your launch event, marketing plan and financial forecasts.

You’ll also be able to develop the entrepreneurial skills sought by larger businesses through a major consultancy project in your final year. You’ll work with other students on new business ideas, using the skills and knowledge you’ve developed to deliver business consultancy, reports and recommendations.

Required Qualification

Standard Pathway (3 Years) - Level 2 Proof of Residency 

Non Standard Pathway (4 Years) - NA & Proof of Residency

Modules under Course

Year 0 (Foundation)

Academic Skills and Studying with Confidence
Introduction to Business Operations and Management
Starting a Business and Fundamentals of Marketing

Year 1

Financial and Management Accounting
Operations Management
Principles and Applications of Macroeconomics
Management & Organisational Behaviour
Marketing Fundamentals
Ethics, Society and Employability

Year 2

Financial Accounting
Principles of International Business
Business Development I
Professional Development and Placement
Students are also required to choose one option module from:
Legal Issues for Management
Financial Management
Students are also required to choose one option module from:
Marketing Communications
People Management

Year 3

Business & Management Strategy
e-business and e-marketing
Business Development II*
Project Management
Entrepreneurship and Creativity
Students are also required to choose one option module from:
Corporate Sustainability
*There are pre-requisites for this module
The module details given here are subject to change and are the latest example of the curriculum
available on this course of study.

Jobs and Salaries

•        Business Development Manager        £25k - £60k         

•        Business Consultant        £24k - £60k         

•        Business Analyst        £23k - £46k        

•        Business Support Manager        £26k - £52k         

•        Business Analyst, Finance/Banking        £28k - £69k