BA (Hons) Hospitality Management
BA (Hons) Hospitality Management (London College of Contemporary Arts)

Course Description

The BA (Hons) Hospitality Management programme is designed for students with an interest in both hospitality and events management. The modules provide a broad range of knowledge and skills that are required by professionals within these sectors.

This Hospitality Management course seeks to encourage more self-managed learning through research and management reports, which will add value to your CV. The modules are typically more class-based in that they require students to use theory and critically examine certain issues and topics. A combination of teaching approaches are employed including lectures, guest lectures, residential and day field trips, group and individual project work and student-led seminars. The LCCA virtual learning environment, CANVAS, will be used to provide supporting material and communicate with students via announcements.

Additionally, this course encourages students to develop the skills and competencies relevant to their roles as future managers in order to enhance employability, including interpersonal and transferable skills. To achieve this, the course is designed to enable students to identify and analyse appropriate techniques that are applicable in making management decisions at a strategic level as well as at tactical and operational levels. The course emphasises the requirements and challenges faced by business leaders and managers, taking into account the complex, dynamic and integrated nature of various factors which impinge upon management decisions. This Hospitality Management degree covers a wide range of modules including managing customer experience, event management, digital marketing, food culture and society, hospitality operations, marketing strategy and planning, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Required Qualification

Level 3 with 30 credits 

Level 2 of work experience  

Modules under Course


Introduction to Creative Business & Management
English for Academic Purposes, Research & Study Skills
Marketing, Communication & Branding
Exploring Practices: Process, Materials & Techniques
Visual Culture
Investigating Specialist Practice
Final Major Project

Year 1

Introduction to Hospitality: Theoretical Approaches and Concepts
The Business Environment for the Service Sector
Managing the Customer Experience
Marketing for the Service Industry
Principles of Management and Leadership
You can choose 15 credits from these optional modules:
Event Venue and Promotional Management
Food Culture and Society
Managing Service Innovation

Year 2

Hospitality operations Management
Financial planning and legal framework for the Service industry
Event Management for Creative industry
Tourism dynamics (Planning & Experience)
Digital Marketing for the service industry
You can choose 15 credits from these optional modules:
Visual Merchandising and psychology in the service sector
Innovation and The Sustainable Organisation in the service secto

Year 3

Entrepreneurship and Creativity
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Experiential Insights and Research
Hospitality Management

Jobs and Salaries

•         Accommodation manager (£22,000 to £40,000)

•        Catering manager (£22,000 to £45,000)

•        Conference centre manager (£25,000 to £35,000)

•        Event manager (£22,000 to £28,000)

•        Fast food restaurant manager (£22,000 to £28,000)

•        Hotel manager (£19,000 to £40,000)