BSc Business and Law
BSc Business and Law (A R U . London)

Course Description

This intellectually stimulating degree course addresses broader aspects of the business organisation and management culture, while also providing an insight into corporate and consumer legislation, corporate regulation and other legal aspects of business enterprise. You will be equipped with a real understanding of how legal considerations impact virtually every aspect of management activity.

Employers look for business graduates with knowledge and awareness of current issues. This course will teach you about globalisation, sustainability

and social change - allowing you to fully understand the factors affecting business. When you graduate you will have a sound appreciation of management practice, this will include human resources, marketing, business law and information management. You will also learn the skills to analyse strategic consumer behaviour.

Required Qualification

Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104) 

Level 2 with relevent work experience  

Modules under Course


Semester 1:
Research Skills 1
Professional Communications
Data Skills
Personal Development in Professional Settings

Semester 2
Research Skills 2
Global Debates
The Pitch Project

Year 1

Business Environment
Academic and Professional Skills
Economics for Business
Business Finance

Year 2

Legal Aspects of Business
Managing Human Resources
Law of Contract
Law of Business Organisations
Sustainability in Career Development

Year 3

Commercial Law
Business Strategy
Law of International Trade
Undergraduate Major Project (Integrated Case Study)

Jobs and Salaries

•        Barrister (£25,000 to £40,000) 

•        Solicitor (£25,600 to £37,000) 

•        Company Secretary (£56,000 to £82,000) 

•        Data Analyst (£25,000 to £30,000) 

•        Patent Attorney (£58,000 to £78,000) 

•        Stockbroker (£40,000 to £100,000)