Hospitality Management MBA
University of Sunderland

Hospitality Management MBA

This internationally respected business degree will teach you all about managing a successful hospitality company.

Along with the main MBA modules, you'll study 'Hospitality Management Studies’ as well as writing a dissertation on a topic you choose.

The course gets you ready to take on senior management roles in global companies. 

Required Qualification

Age - 21 - 59

Qualification - Honours Degree (3rd class or higher)

Modules under Course

Core knowledge modules

Financial Management and Control (15 Credits)
Strategic Management in an International Context (15 Credits)
Professional Management and Leadership Development (30 Credits)
Value Creation in Organisations - Managing Operations and Marketing (30 Credits)
Hospitality Management Studies (30 Credits)
MBA Project (60 Credits)

Job Opportunities

work in hotels, hospitality, global development and more.