Cybersecurity MBA
University of Sunderland

Cybersecurity MBA

Over one year, this internationally respected business course will teach you how to manage a successful company.

With a focus on Cybersecurity, you'll analyse and evaluate the main ideas behind risk, threats, vulnerabilities and attack vectors in security systems, information, and operational security.

Required Qualification

Age - 21 - 59

Qualification - Honours Degree (3rd class or higher)

Modules under Course

Core knowledge modules

Financial Management and Control (15 Credits)
Strategic Management in an International Context (15 Credits)
Professional Management and Leadership Development (30 Credits)
Value Creation in Organisations - Managing Operations and Marketing (30 Credits)
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (30 Credits)
MBA Project (60 Credits)

Job Opportunities

You'll be able to compete in a busy job market, with better employment options and management skills that every modern business needs.