BSc Business and Tourism Management
BSc Business and Tourism Management (A R U . London)

Course Description

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries offering a wide range of potential career opportunities around the globe – in the UK alone, it is the largest industry, the 3rd largest export earner and worth approximately £115 billion a year.

This degree has been developed to give students the key business skills needed for a successful career in this sector. There is a particular focus on the current challenges facing the tourism industry; these include sustainability, global issues, ethical tourism, diverse competition and crisis management. Designed to unlock your potential by enhancing both your commercial awareness and specialist subject knowledge. This degree is a perfect entrance into this exciting important industry.

Required Qualification

Level 3 with 120 credits (UCAS 104)

Level 2 with relevent work experience  

Modules under Course


Semester 1:
Research Skills 1
Professional Communications
Data Skills
Personal Development in Professional Settings
Semester 2

Research Skills 2
Global Debates
The Pitch Project

Year 1

Hospitality, Tourism and Events Environment
Academic and Professional Skills
Managing Quality in Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Business Finance

Year 2

Customer Service for Tourism and Hospitality
Managing Human Resources
Tourism Management
Principles and Practices of Marketing
Sustainability in Career Development

Year 3

Tourism and Events Management Live Project
Business Strategy
Sustainable and Ethical Tourism (15 credits)
Global Hospitality and Tourism Issues (15 credits)
Undergraduate Major Project (Integrated Case Study)

Jobs and Salaries

•        Tour Manager (£15,000 to £20,000) 

•        Travel Agency Manager (£19,000 to £26,000)

•        Tourist Information Centre Manager (£25,000 to £35,000) 

•        Tourism Officer (£30,000 to £40,000)

•        Event Manager (£33,000 to £40,000)