MSC ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (University of Sunderland)

Course Description

You’ll build on your technical background while adding business and management skills, including project control and quality optimisation. You’ll also develop the combination of technical knowledge and management expertise that is required to successfully deliver multi-million pound projects, and equip yourself to lead a technical team to deliver on time and on budget. This course involves a real-world project that is supported by a sponsor and will include both a research and a practical element. It is an opportunity to impress not only your academic assessors but also potential employers.

Required Qualification

Age - 21 - 59

Qualification - Honours Degree (3rd class or higher)

Modules under Course

Modules (subject to change)

• Project Management and Control (30 credits)
• Understanding Organisations and Systems (15 credits)
• Commercial and Contractual Issues in Project Management (15 credits)
• Leadership and Management of Project Risk, Quality and People (30 credits)
• Engineering Management Practice (30 credits)
• Project/Dissertation (60 credits)

Job Opportunities

Building on your undergraduate technical skills, you'll learn project control, supply chain management, risk management and quality optimisation which employers expect to see in their top managers.