How to apply to a university with us?

University and Student (U&S) is a premiere service that helps you to apply for an Undergraduate or a Postgraduate Degree in the UK and Canada.

Applicant's Journey

This is where you fill in a short form entering a few basic details about yourself, the more information that you submit, the better it is for us to understand you and your course enquiry.

A dedicated counsellor will contact you within 48 hours or an agreed date and time to discuss your next steps.

In your consultation you will meet your Expert advisor and have a one-to-one, to find out more about how we can provide the best possible solution to get into a degree or master’s program in a country of your choice.

Applying for a visa can be done through your own legal representatives or through us. If you choose to let us handle the procedure on your behalf, our admin team will guide you throughout the process.

Pack your bags and get ready to fly abroad and pursue your goals. Our team will provide you with important information on the top things to do whilst abroad such as setting up a student bank account, applying for medical insurance as well as other important necessities. You will be given an induction before your class starts receiving your timetable, ID and other tools from your University.