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Campus and Student Life

Meet New People in College

Graduating students often regret not getting involved on campus. While this doesn't mean you have to set up your own club or chair a society, you might want to consider submitting an article to the university magazine, volunteering to show new students around campus during O-Week, signing up to help organize the faculty ball (or at least buying a ticket) or perhaps joining a student society or sports team.

Service and Volunteerism

Students should add making a difference to their list of university memories as they adapt to today's fast-evolving job market. Alongside earning a degree, students may be able to form stronger relationships with faculty and their peers, challenge preconceived notions about the world around them, and have a more satisfying college experience.

Get involved on Campus

Taking advantage of as many facets of student life as possible while keeping up with academic responsibilities is the key to getting the most out of college. Volunteer your time, participate in social causes, and make a contribution to a better world as well as in university. Types of services and volunteer activities include philanthropy, activism, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, and direct service